The mining industry is continually looking for ways to automate and mechanize its operations. This presents a great challenge for narrow-vein operations. The actual mining parameters and existing mechanized equipment make profitability difficult to achieve. It is clear that the future of narrow-vein mines depends on the development of innovative extraction methods and equipment.

This web site presents the results of a research project on narrow-vein mining lead by Natural Resources Canada from 1999 to 2005. Here you will find, for each mine visited, the information collected on mining methods, challenges and innovative solutions, complete with documents, photos, plans and sketches.

Economical models enable the evaluation of diverse mining methods, and development work was elaborated on and is available on the site. The site also includes a list of mining equipment used in extracting ore from narrow veins.

We hope you will find that the information presented here is useful.

Association minière du Québec (AMQ)